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The Birth of FIX @ FIX University. As a premier Columbian Cultural Campus of higher education, the FIX University wide spectrum of facilities and programs create a rich environment for learning and discovery. But those places are also great public resources, open to children and adults around the country, the FIX University Cultural Campus is a great place to find a book, look at art, walk in the garden, explore the mysteries of the deep blue sea.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Emperor King FIX Opens for Deposits Only, Comet Bank, in Need of US500 Billion in Guayana Fund after FIX University Students Work Rosetta, Philae Saddling, Straddling, and Anchoring 67P(Comet) @ Agenda Cultural Campus UPI "Oh, by the way, Iraq Invades Syria..."

  Fernando IX University
Fernando IX University

 Fernando IX University

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