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Friday, November 9, 2012

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Exercises and Engagements

USPACOM participates in many exercises and other engagement activities with foreign military forces.
Major exercises include:


A biennial Australia/United bilateral exercise merging Exercises TANDEM THRUST, KINGFISHER and CROCODILE. TALISMAN SABER is the primary training venue for Commander Seventh Fleet as a Combined Task Force (CTF) in a short warning, power projection, forcible entry scenario. The exercise is a key opportunity to train Australian and US combined forces in mid to high-intensity combat operations using training areas in Australia


A joint/combined exercise with Thailand designed to improve U.S./Thai combat readiness and joint/combined interoperability.


A joint exercise with the Republic of the Philippines and the U.S. to improve combat readiness and interoperability.


Joint/bilateral training exercises (field training/simulation, respectively) to increase combat readiness and joint/bilateral interoperability of U.S. Forces and Japan Self-Defense Forces for the defense of Japan.


A biennial large-scale multinational power projection/sea control exercise. In 2000, participants included the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Chile and the United Kingdom.
USPACOM participated in more than 20 disaster relief operations in 12 countries and one U.S. territory (Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Palau, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Guam) since 1996.
The U.S. Navy makes approximately 700 port visits throughout the Pacific region each year.

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