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Friday, April 12, 2013

MITx: 2.01x Elements of Structures @ FIX University OCW Study


Course Started - Apr 15, 2013


2.01x Elements of Structures

Course Updates & News


    On behalf of the entire course team, I am pleased to welcome you to the first offering of 2.01x: Elements of Structures. The next 12 weeks will be a learning experience that closely matches the residential MIT course for mechanical engineering undergraduates.
    In this first week, there will be no assigned problem set. You will have time to explore the edX platform and problem types, review some prerequisites, and be introduced to the MATLAB software. Please read the Course Handouts, check out the Schedule, and introduce yourself in the Discussion forum!
    We are glad that you have decided to join us, and we look forward to working with you!
    Simona and the 2.01x team

Course Handouts

  1. Course Overview
  2. Detailed Schedule
  3. Collaboration Guidelines
  4. Discussion Forum Guidelines

2.01x Elements of Structures Course Overview 2.01x introduces principles of structural analysis in applications to essential load-bearing elements, such as bars in axial loading, axisymmetric shafts in torsion, and symmetric beams in bending. We will not use a textbook in this course: all of the material will be presented in lecture videos, recitation videos, and example problems. Schedule Overview The course will run for 12 weeks. Materials for each of these weeks will be released on Monday and will include interactive learning sequences, recitation and/or example problems, and a graded problem set. We will have two quizzes.Quiz 1 will be at the end of week 6, and Quiz 2 at the end of week 12. See the Course Schedule for more detailed info. • Week 1 is introductory, and covers preliminary material and prerequisites. No homework is assigned for the first week. • Weeks 2-5 cover topics on structures in axial loading. • Weeks 7 and 8 cover topics on shafts in torsion • Weeks 9 and 10 cover topics on beams in bending • Week 11 provides an introductory overview of 3D linear elasticity, energy and structural instability (buckling). Learning Sequences Each week (except quiz weeks)includes a learning sequence with videos of lectures, interspersed with online exercises. Participation in these online exercises does not contribute to your grade, but it will help you solidify the concepts presented in lecture. For each lecture, we also provide “Board Notes” following, board by board, the material presented in the lecture video. Board Notes are a helpful resource to review material in a time-efficient manner when you work on your Problem Sets or prepare for the quizzes. Recitations For most weeks we also have recitation sessions, with videos of instructors solving problems similar to the ones that will be assigned in your Problem Sets. We designed these videos to help you develop your scientific problem-solving skills. You are encouraged to work on the exercises that will be solved in recitation on your own, before you watch the recitation video. Participation in these online exercises does not contribute to your grade, but following this proposed strategy will be very effective in strengthening your understanding of the material.

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